Terms of Use is a decentralized software using P2P protocol. Taiwan AI Labs (“we”, “us” or “our”) do not store users’ data on any centralized storage. To put it simply, all received/viewed data by user (“you,” “your”, “yours”, “user”, “users” and “yourself”) is stored a copy on one’s Viewing is saving. When an user choose to share data with other users (friends/group members), it is given that the receiver/viewer will save such data on their


Because of the decentralized mechanism, we can not censor whether uploaded data is legal, nor can we take responsibility for that. To avoid legal trouble, be aware of what you share and to whom before publish.

Because of the decentralized mechanism, we can not be responsible for your data loss. Data published by users is only stored on their and who they choose to share with. We are not able to restore any content conflict, e.g. share or delete, caused by unstable internet connection. It is recommended that user make sure both publisher and receiver is online while using (desktop) with stable internet connection to prevent data loss. You may also leverage third party hosting service in the future.

The internet is borderless. Receiver and publisher may not be in the same region. Regulations, including but not limited to criminal law, personal information protection law, General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), intellectual property law, between regions may vary. If you live in a country with strict censorship, despite adjustment on published content itself, please choose what to receive with caution, e.g. which group to join and who to chat with. Decentralized mechanism indicates that once you receive the data, there will be a copy of the data on your Since user behaviors are out of our hands, you can only rely on your filtering with care.

We will not use, sell, leak any user data to other company. Privacy is our top priority during development. This Terms of Use only applies to develop by us. We can not manage any forked or modified version of the software, nor can this Terms of Use be bonding for such implementation. Please check the Term of Use of such forked or modified software to make sure it is suitable for you. is under constant developing (currently in beta version). We can not guarantee all functions of working for all the time, nor can we be liable for the software’s unexpected behaviors. You feedback and suggestion is appreciated. We will continue to improve


Beta version of implements basic data protection and encryption framework. We will continue on the path to state-of-the-art standard.

Privacy Policy

In regard to data self-determination, aims to provide a GDPR-compliant tool/framework for user to freely control their data. We design the software without centralize process. We are not in the role of data controller. User is a data subject and controller, including their own data or data from others’

We will not collect/process/use (Personal Information Protection Act term) or use (GDPR term) “any data” on with your consent, nor will we automatically send anonymous system data. The input/process/output of data is operated by user, with the corresponding responsibility. We can not intervene with your decision, nor can we take the responsibility for you.